Jadusamrat PC Sorcar
(1913 - 1971)
PC Sorcar Young
Late Padmashree Jadusamrat P C Sorcar
   (Born in India 1913, died in Japan 1971)
who was called the World's Greatest Magician,
         made a history in the world of magic.
After his death, it was his son who is popularly known as Magician P C Sorcar Young
       carried on the same profession.
Now, after P. C. Sorcar Young, the P C Sorcar legacy still continues as his son Pouroosh alias Magician
P C Sorcar Master takes over the throne and is declared
the official torchbearer of the P C Sorcar family.
Pouroosh or P C Sorcar Master is the
only P C Sorcar of the ninth
generation of the legendary Sorcar's magician family.
Pouroosh's first appearence was in Tokyo, Japan.
Since then he has been a full timer illusionist and has staged hundreds of shows in & outside the country.